About Sparktek

We are a leading global technology company offering solutions, consulting and managed services for small, medium, and large companies. 

We bridge the gap between IT and business to help enterprises become more resilient and responsive. 

About vector

Our approach is to ensure that technology acts as a powerful enabler to maximize previous investments on business applications and is aligned to the business process. We build dynamic business processes based on small, flexible modules that can be quickly modeled, tested, delivered, and improved. 

Our strong domain knowledge, coupled with two decades of rich experience across different industries, gives you a strategic kickstart that works as your competitive advantage. 


Our mission is to create maximum customer value and deliver services and solutions that help our customers gain a distinct competitive advantage and helps them stay resilient, adaptable, and ahead in their business. 


To become a global leader in delivering high-business impact, value-added technical services. 




Industries Served



Our Happy Clients

Head Digital Strategy

Large Retail Chain

SparkTek has the right talent with the right expertise and attitude that gave my project the required impetus.


BFSI industry

We were looking for partners who understood our domain and technical needs. We are glad to have partnered with SparkTek as they brought in both expertise.

Head of Engineering

Large IT Product Company

SparkTek are our go-to people for our talent needs. They have experienced pool of professionals with flexible models that help us on multiple projects

Empower your business with everything-as-a-service that leverages emerging technologies, a network of experienced talent pool and unique solutions that brings to you a distinct competitive advantage.